Licenses we've worked on:

Captain America

DC Comics: The New 52

Heroes: Season 1

Heroes: Season 2

Indiana Jones: Heritage

Indiana Jones: Masterpieces

Iron Man 2

Katie Cook: PL & KD

Lord of the Rings: II


Marvel: 70th Anniversary

Marvel: The Avengers

Marvel: Dangerous Divas

Marvel: Events

Marvel: Heroes vs Villains

Marvel Masterpieces I

Marvel Masterpieces II

Marvel Masterpieces III

The Pro


Star Wars: ESB

Star Wars: Galaxies 4

Star Wars: Galaxies 5

Star Wars: Galaxies 6

Star Wars: Galaxies 7

Star Wars: Clone Wars

Star Wars: Clone Wars WV

Star Wars: Clone Wars II

Star Wars: Clone Wars RotBH



Terminator: Salvation



The Walking Dead

Zombies vs Cheerleaders

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